“I have served as a public defender in New York’s highest level trial courts for 25 years, advocating on behalf of our community’s most vulnerable citizens, regardless of their financial means, status, or race. If elected as your next Monroe County Court Judge, I pledge that my respect for the law, empathy for those who appear before me, and duty to my community will guide my decisions, ensuring a courtroom where every citizen can trust that justice will be served.”

– Julie Cianca


25 years of award-winning courtroom and litigation experience


Experience that Counts

Julie Cianca has served as an attorney in New York’s highest level trial courts for 25 years, advocating for our community’s most vulnerable populations. She has dedicated her life to ensuring that the Constitutional freedoms intended for every citizen are indeed extended to all, regardless of financial means, status or race.

As a Monroe County Court Justice, Julie Cianca vows a mutual respect for the law and those who appear before her. She will ensure a courtroom that applies the highest level of reason, analysis and fairness to every case.




A Commitment to Justice

Julie Cianca earned the Jeffrey Jacobs Award for Excellence in Trial Advocacy in 2017, a prestigious award conferred for extraordinary trial skills.

“Election to Monroe County Court will allow me to expand the scope of my service to individuals and communities,” Julie Cianca said. “We face a barrage of traditional legal questions, criminal and civil cases and agricultural disputes. Many new ones are emerging, like identify theft, pandemic response and other groundbreaking cases that arise with new technologies. At the core of each of these are people, their freedom and their livelihoods.”